Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Pool room mold

This pool room is completely enclosed with a pool with very little to no ventilation. The moisture within the room caused mold to begin developing and growing. ... READ MORE

Wind storm damage

In this case wind driven rain moved into the roof shingles of this home, through to the attic. From there the water proceeded to enter the kitchen and through t... READ MORE

Local commercial eye doctor

Our PNW (Pacific Northwest) rain storms can bring a surprise factor to local businesses. You leave the office for a day and come back the next to standing water... READ MORE

Standing water hallway

After a PNW (Pacific Northwest) rain storm this facility experienced flooding and standing water overnight. Throughout the building there was excess water that ... READ MORE

Roof leak

This home had a roof leak. When evaluating this job the before picture you see the ceiling is warped and wrinkled. Our tech removed the affected drywall, when h... READ MORE

Neighborly Mold Love

A close neighbor of ours called us with a mold concern in their car. We went to evaluate the situation and found the interior of their car completely taken over... READ MORE